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Smart Cities

3,880 projects worth ?1.4 lakh cr tendered out under Centre’s Smart Cities initiative

Under Smart Cities initiative which is spread over 100 cities about 3,880 projects worth ?1.41 lakh crore (€17.6 bn) have been tendered, out of a total of about 5,000 projects. Joint Secretary, Smart Cities Mission Director, released the Smart Cities Progress Report and stated that 3,100 projects worth ?1,00400 crore (€12.5 bn)  are grounded, and completed 1,100 projects worth over ?20,100 crore (€2.5 bn).

Smart City Mission (SCM) put on fast track

The ministry has created a live dashboard, housed in the National Urban Observatory. This would help keep track of live updates from the smart cities’ progress. The Centre has got into a mission rethink mode to speed up the implementation of projects under SCM. In the fifth and final year of ‘Smart City Mission’, the Centre has set a new target –– Mission Rs. 2 lakh crore (€25 bn). With the current trajectory of project tendering and completion, the government would have awarded contracts till 2022.

Smart City project to drive LoRaWAN adoption

India's ambitious smart cities project is going to drive the adoption of LoRaWAN based IoT in the country, Donna Moore, CEO & Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance said, adding that use cases around agriculture, human safety, and environmental conservation will also give a push to the technology.

LoRa Alliance- an open association that supports and deploys LoRaWAN protocol is in talks with the Indian government to acquire tenders for the Smart City mission that is likely to be further rolled out in about 4000 cities.