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ETSI white paper on Future ICT Technology Trends

ETSI White Paper describing the ETSI Technology Radar, that highlights the probable technology trends that may influence ETSI’s quest to remain at the forefront of ICT standardization. The document is intended to promote the awareness and discussion of the impact and evolution of such technology trends among ETSI members and the ICT community as a whole.

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The CEN and CENELEC Annual Reports 2020 are out!

The document provides an overview of the relevant and diverse standardization activities that the CEN and CENELEC community implemented over the course of 2020, a challenging but successful year.

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ETSI Magazine enjoy! – April 2021

ETSI magazine is issued four times per year and it covers articles about technologies and standardization. Download ETSI magazine

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The new CEN and CENELEC Global Outreach Report

This report provides a summary of CEN and CENELEC’s level of harmonisation with ISO and IEC, their partnerships outside Europe, as well as the adoptions of CEN and CENELEC standards around the world, including evolutions and trends. It also includes a dedicated section on the adoptions by partners outside CEN membership of several CEN standards in the medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPE) sectors and which were made freely available by CEN members in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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EFTA 60th Annual Report

The 60th Annual Report of the European Free Trade Association has been published. The report gives an overview of EFTA’s activities and duties throughout 2020 in the areas of managing the EEA Agreement, EFTA’s worldwide network of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), and the EFTA Convention.

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