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IEEE International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies

When- 2020-10-02 to 2020-10-02
Where- Radisson Blu Hotel Greater Noida, Greater Noida, India

GUCON is a non-profit conference and it will provide an opportunity to the practising engineers, academicians and researchers to meet in a forum to discuss various issues and its future direction in the field of Electrical, Computer & Electronics Engineering and Technologies.

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Global Artificial Intelligence Summit

When- 2020-10-05 to 2020-10-06
Where- Vigyan Bhawan Auditorium, New Delhi, India

Artificial Intelligence technology is transforming Business Models and challenging the status quo in the business community. India's Largest Platform for innovators, the AICRA AI Summit is the platform for the exchange of deep actionable insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses.

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IoT Symposium

When- 2020-11-11 to 2020-11-11
Where- Gurgaon, India

IoT Symposium will focus on the areas of control, communications, industrial robot, industrial cloud, smart sensors and actuators, informatics and security.

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Urban Mobility India Conference

When- 2020-10-30 to 2020-11-01
Where- New Delhi, India

Urban Mobility India Conference is a flagship event held under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India. The genesis of UMI is from the National Urban Transport Policy of the Government of India, 2006, which lays a very strong emphasis on building capabilities at the State and city level to address the problems associated with urban transport and undertake the task of developing sustainable urban transport systems.

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Global Smart Cities

When- 2020-11-18 to 2020-11-19
Where- India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, India

The GiDMC series will return with Global Smart Cities -2020 which will focus on the various aspects of a smart city including urban development, surveillance, power, energy, transport, technology, smart building, smart grid, smart health, network & communication technology etc.

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International Conference on Cyber Law, Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity

When- 2020-11-25 to 2020-11-27
Where- New Delhi, India

The International Conference on Cyberlaw, Cybercrime & Cybersecurity aim is to examine and analyze the emerging Cyberlaw, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity trends of today’s times. The International Conference will be attended by various international delegates and speakers as also representatives from the national Diaspora representing the stakeholders in the digital ecosystem and alive web. For more information please

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Power & Energy Technology Summit

When- 2020-12-10 to 2020-12-11
Where- Holiday Inn New Delhi Mayur Vihar Noida, New Delhi, India

Power & Energy Technology Summit covers all aspects and activities necessary to run your power plant in a safe and most economical manner. The key objective is to continuously optimize the operations with an aim to enhance availability, output, the efficiency of the power plant along with power plant life.

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Future Mobility India

When- 2020-11-24 to 2020-11-25
Where- Pune, India

The main topics of this conference include autonomous vehicle mapping and testing, artificial intelligence, connected vehicle networks, automotive data, automaker strategy, eMobility, urban mobility, mobility-as-a-service and the consumer of the future.

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7th Annual IoT, AI & Blockchain Summit 2020 (Virtual Conference)

When- 2020-11-25 to 2020-11-25
Where- Online

This summit will explore the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), AI & Blockchain on industries, such as manufacturing, transport, supply chain, insurance, logistics, government, energy and automotive. This will be surely an exciting event wherein you could get chance to meet big industry gems.

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National Conference on Smart Energy Systems (NCSES)

When- 2020-10-26 to 2020-10-26
Where- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

National Conference on Smart Energy Systems (NCSES) addresses the rapid strides and technological advancements currently witnessed in the fields of NCSES. The conference aspires to exhibit the technical excellence of budding technocrats, research scholars, representatives from the academia and industry. This conference aims to bring together the best of globally renewed research professionals. English is the official language of the conference.

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