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Indian Telecom Standard Body Submits 6G Vision to UN Body ITU

Indian telecom standards body TSDSI has submitted a vision for 6G to UN body ITU Radiocommunication sector that finalises global standard for wireless communications. Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) in its submission said it should be a technology that aids the development of a ubiquitous intelligent mobile connected society, bridge the digital divide with affordability, support technologies for personalisation and localisation of services as well as focus on data protection management. In a document 'TSDSI submits 6G Vision to ITU-R', the body said that TSDSI is contributing towards the above IMT 2030 work. TSDSI said that as part of its 6G journey, it will 'steer research in India to serve the above goals' and 'continue engagement with global standard bodies for harmonisation of efforts'.