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Redefining Network Security: The Standardized Middlebox Security Protocol (MSP)

This White Paper describes the high-level technical features, motivations and use cases for ETSI TC CYBER’s new middlebox standards, known collectively as the ‘Middlebox Security Protocols’ or ‘MSP’. The Middlebox Security Protocol standards suite redefines middlebox operations and network security.

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ENI Vision: Improved Network Experience using Experiential Networked Intelligence

The Experiential Networked Intelligence Industry Specification Group (ENI ISG) is defining a Cognitive Network Management architecture, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and context-aware policies to adjust offered services based on changes in user needs, environmental conditions, and business goals. This White Paper provides guidance for ENI’s future development and overview of the current ENI publications. It is presented in two parts, an overview of activities, then a technical section.

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Guidelines for Modelling with NGSI-LD

This ETSI White Paper is intended to complement the NGSI-LD information model normative specification (see ETSI GS CIM 006 V1.1.1 [1]). It provides a set of practical guidelines on how to model a domain specific system, process, or environment, how to associate entity instances to types/classes, how to use relationships and properties. These guidelines are based on both the NGSI-LD meta-model and the NGSILD cross-domain ontology as a common denominator set of classes cutting across domain-specific ontologies and taxonomies.

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CEN and CENELEC’s Work Programme 2021 is now available

The Work Programme 2021 gives an overview of the main standardization developments and strategic priority areas CEN and CENELEC are ready to implement in 2021 across 14 business sectors.

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CEN and CENELEC Strategy 2030

The aim of this Strategy 2030 is for CEN and CENELEC to rethink and optimise the way we create value for our customers and stakeholders in a rapidly changing world.

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