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Smart Cities

Centre launches Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework 2.0 for climate-sensitive cities

A framework that would help cities follow a climate-sensitive approach in urban planning and development was launched. The objective of the Climate Smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) 2.0 is to provide a roadmap for cities for combating climate change while planning and implementing their actions, including investments. The framework has 28 indicators across energy and green buildings, urban planning, green cover and biodiversity, mobility and air quality, water management and waste management.

Smart Cities

COVID-19 impact: Smart cities in India to get cycling-friendly with Cycles4Change Challenge

India Cycles4Change Challenge is an initiative of the Smart Cities Mission to support Indian cities to quickly implement cycling-friendly initiatives in response to the pandemic.  The housing and urban affairs ministry has launched the India Cycles4Change Challenge to support smart cities to implement cycling-friendly projects in response to the COVID-19. In the first phase, 10 cities will be selected and will receive technical support from the Centre and also a reward of Rs 1 crore (10 Million) each.