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Smart Cities

ETSI CIM group releases specification for context information exchange in Smart Cities

The ETSI Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting Context Information Management (ISG CIM) has released its main specification GS CIM 009 for Next Generation Service Interfaces (NGSI)-LD API, particularly targeting smart city applications and government services (use cases available in GR CIM 002).

The new specification defines a simple way to send or request data, using a serialization format (JSON-LD) which is very familiar to many developers so that rapid adoption is facilitated. The important feature is that data and its context such as the meaning, relationships, source or licensing of that data, etc. are transmitted together. The approach can directly re-use work on matching terminology for things and services which is ongoing in multinational collaboration with many standards organizations. Interworking of NGSI-LD with the existing oneM2M platform and standards is already partially possible and will be refined further in future releases.

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