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ETSI Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) group released phase 2 specifications

ETSI Multi-access Edge Computing group (ETSI MEC ISG) has also announced the creation of the Deployment and Ecosystem Development working group (WG DECODE). This group will focus on accelerating the market adoption and implementation of systems using MEC-defined framework and services exposed using MEC-standardized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs. The specification  ETSI GS MEC 002  targets interoperability and deployments. This includes a focus on running applications at the mobile network edge and provides use cases and technical benefits of those deployments.

The ETSI GS MEC 003 addresses the implementation of MEC applications as software-only entities that run on top of a virtualization infrastructure near the network edge. This includes specifications for MEC-in-NFV reference architecture, which defined how MEC-compliant edge deployments can be part of an overall NFV cloud architecture. Additionally, this release package includes ETSI GR MEC 022,  a report on MEC support for vehicle to infrastructure (V2X) and vehicle to vehicle (V2V) use cases.

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