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Smart Mobility

Newcomer in European transport standardization family: JTC 20 on hyperloop systems

In a world where mobility is a cornerstone of global trade, work, tourism and leisure activities, providing efficient and safe transport infrastructure is a challenge. Connecting efficiently dense and complex cities or remotes regions requires a constant capacity of integrating new technologies. At the side of traditional game players, new actors of mobility emerge, sometimes with disruptive impact. CEN and CENELEC are engaged in facilitating the harmonized deployment of both traditional and innovative transport technologies, by improving compatibility, connectivity and sustainability.
In this context, CEN and CENELEC are proud to announce the launch of a new Joint Technical Committee, CEN/CLC/JTC 20, dedicated to hyperloop systems standardization. Hyperloop is a ground-based high-speed transportation system for passengers, living and/or non-living stock, in which vehicles are suspended through contactless means and travel inside a sealed, confined reduced pressure environment. With potential benefits on safety, time-saving, greenhouses gases emissions reduction, and economic value, this technology begins progressively to be on the spotlight.
As several European and International industries are investing in hyperloop systems with the interest of both private and public actors, European standardization is crucial to achieve a coherent roll-out of this new tool of mobility. Thanks to their extensive experience in transport standardization, CEN and CENELEC have recently been devoted to play a major role in the development of future hyperloop standards.