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Invest India

Government is preparing plan for $100 billion FDI inflow: Commerce and industry minister

According to Commerce and Industry Minister, Government of India is working on a blueprint to increase FDI inflows to $100 billion through a targeted approach.  The minister also outlined his strategy to create a win-win partnership with other countries and retain the focus on a collaborative approach to global trade at a time when countries such as the US were seeking to undermine the relevance of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


India to receive $300 million in aid from World Bank for EV push

The World Bank has committed to provide India funds worth $300 million to aid its energy efficiency programme. The move will help the government set up the requisite infrastructure to push forward its ambition of expanding e-mobility in the country. The aid received from the World Bank will supplement the funds that the Centre proposes to raise by levying a one-time fee from conventional fuel based vehicle buyers in a bid to provide financial assistance to the e-mobility programme.