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Cabinet approved National policy on Software Product

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Policy on Software Products 2019 to develop India as the global Software Product hub, driven by innovation, improved commercialization, sustainable Intellectual Property (IP), promoting technology start­ups and specialized skill sets. Policy aims to help the industry grow at CAGR of 40% to reach USD 70-80 billion by 2025, while creating employment opportunities for 3.5 million people.


Department of Telecommunications (DoT) asks TEC to finalize IoT, M2M standards

Telecom Engineering Centre (TEC) has been asked to finalize standards for IoT/M2M as the country aspires to roll out 5G services at par with the rest of the world. The roadmap for M2M communications was released in May 2015 but the centre is yet to finalize generic requirement for the segment. So far, TEC has released Twelve Technical Reports (TRs) in the last three years.

Government plans national program on artificial intelligence (AI)

In order to take the benefit of AI and related technologies to the people, Government is planning to launch national program on AI. The program will be catalysed by the establishment of the National Centre for AI. The centre will be established as a hub along with centres of excellence. 9 priority areas had been identified by GoI for the same and a national portal on AI will be developed soon.


Germany-based Bosch opens Data Science (DS) and AI centre at IIT-Madras

Germany-based Bosch in collaboration with IIT-Madras has opened Data Science (DS) and AI centre at IIT-Madras. The mission of the new center is to create societal impact through multidisciplinary interactions with government, academic, research and industrial collaborators on core challenges in DS and AI. Bosch will invest 20 crores (2.5 million euros) over five years in the centre.

DoT defers deadline for testing and certification of telecom equipment again

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has once again pushed back the deadline to begin domestic testing and certification of telecom equipment and mobile phones to August 1, 2019. According to a previous order in September 2018, April 1, 2019, was fixed as the deadline for certification of mobile base stations, routers, internet of things devices and other network gears.

Indian government likely to allocate spectrum for 5G trial services in June: Report

The Indian government is reportedly planning to allocate spectrum to mobile operators for 5G trial services in June. A panel constituted for such an exercise would soon begin deliberations on the spectrum that will be allocated for the trials, as well as the trial time period and other factors. Telecos could then start trials in July or August, and spectrum auction may take place from September onwards.


Sectorial report on Indian ICT sector

SESEI drafted and released a sectorial report on Indian ICT Sector covering the most important & significant IT and telecommunications sector profile, Industry trends & projections, key market players, new government policies and initiatives. Report can be downloded here and presentation is available here 


Telecom Regulatory (TRAI) issued following reports/whitepapers/consultation Papers/recommendations:

  • Annual Report for the Year 2017-18 Read more/download>>
  • White paper on 'Enabling 5G in India' stating that 5G network is expected to be deployed in India along with the rest of the world by 2020. Read more/Download>>
  • Recommendations on Methodology for levy of Spectrum Charges for provision of Satellite based Services using Gateway installed in India under 'sui-generis' category. Read more/Download>>
  • Consultation Paper on Review of Television Audience Measurement and Ratings in India. Read more/Download>>
  • Consultation Paper on Review of Per Port Transaction Charge and Other Related Charges for Mobile Number Portability. Read more/Download>>