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Seconded European Standardization Expert in India



India’s engagement with the EU has substantially intensified since the establishment of strategic ties in 2004. India-EU cooperation now spans over 30 dialogue mechanisms, covering foreign policy and security issues, trade and investment, sustainable development and modernisation, research and innovation as well as people-to-people contacts.

SESEI 3 has played an important role in strengthening of the dialogue between India and Europe on new technologies, standards and the trade barriers. Through its various achievements and consistent effort, SESEI has emerged as an effective platform for aligning the Indian and European, Standardisation communities, Industry bodies, academia and government organisations around Project priority sectors of ICT, Electrical equipment (including Consumer Electronics), Smart City, Automotive, etc.

Some of the key achievements during the Project SESEI 3 are provided below:

  1. Project Awareness: An extensive network of contact database has been built by SESEI expert. This database consists of Indian government and agencies; EU local actors, i.e. delegation, Embassies, Industry, etc.; Standards organizations in India and market players, i.e. industry, trade associations and federations, etc.
  2. Propagation of European Standards: SESEI due to his vast knowledge, consistent efforts and strong backing of the Project Partners has been able to well establish the SESEI Project as an important standardisation expert/platform in India. SESEI is invited, consulted for many meetings, forums, presentations and knowledge sharing. These meetings, events, interactions and queries are an important tool and platform to build credibility, create awareness not only about the European standards, policy & legislation but provides an excellent opportunity to showcase, communicate and inform the new developments and technology innovations as being carried out in Europe through its stakeholders and Project Partners.
  3. 3rd Indo-European Conference: SESEI organized a mega conference “3rd Indo European Conference on Standards & Emerging Technologies” in April 2018. This Conference was an attempt to create a platform for effective and continuous dialogue between India and Europe on new and emerging technologies and to identify the key areas of collaboration. The main areas of focus were Automotive, Smart Energy and ICT. The conference was a resounding success and received an overwhelming response with participation of over 300 delegates and more than 70 international and national speakers.
  4. Specialised Reports: Preparation of reports forms an important part of the SESEI activities in line with its project deliverables.
    1. Study Reports: Three sector/topic specific special reports by SESEI for the “3rd Indo-European Conference on Standards & Emerging Technology”. These comprehensive reports on the subjects as below were released during the conference covering the regulatory, policy, technical and technological challenges in India which are limiting the market potential, latest developments and current state of play covering standards development & policy initiatives in India.
      ICT covering M2M/IoT & its role in Smart Cities and Cyber Security
      Automotive covering Electric mobility and Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
      Smart Energy covering Smart Grid, Smart Meter, LVDC, Micro Grid etc.
      Conference Report of the 3rd Indo-European Conference on Standards and Emerging Technology: This conference report presented consolidated outcomes from the conference based on the study reports and the deliberations which took place during the sessions along with the actionable items.
    2. Industry Sector Profile Report: SESEI drafted and released following sector specific reports:
      Indian Automotive sector
      Indian Electrical Equipment & Consumer Electronics sector
      Smart City Mission in India
      ICT sector
      These report covers key industry players/leaders, market dynamics, future predictions, main standardisation bodies and the key initiatives of the government.
    3. Reports on European Standardisation Initiatives: These brief reports are generated by SESEI on the request of important government bodies as part of contribution towards standardisation or related policy work/paper efforts in India.
      eCall: European Initiative
      Intelligent Transport System – Europe
      Smart Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 – Europe
      Smart City in Europe
  5. MoU’s with Indian Stakeholders: The tangible benefits which emerged out of SESEI’s presence and efforts in India have been many. One of the most visible benefit is closer working relationship between the EU Project partners and the Indian Standardization Community and Industry which has resulted in culmination of positive progress on MoU’s. CEN and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) signed an MoU on EN 115 adoption, for lift escalator standard in India is based on EN 115, CENELEC signed a Cooperation Agreement with Indian Smart Grid Forum (ISGF). Eminent Industry bodies COAI and BIF signed MoU’s with ETSI for cooperation on ICT and standards related activities. Most importantly, Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), Department of Telecom, Ministry of Communication is now a member of ETSI. MoU between BIS  ETSI and BIS <=> CEN CENELEC are in its final stages of closure. These MoU’s are likely to give further impetus to the Project Partners to work closely with BIS.
  6. Closer Working Relationship with Indian Stakeholders and Contribution in Important Standardisation related work
    Presence of SESEI expert has also resulted in discussions and interactions on many new subjects/ issues for adoption of EN standards such as ropeways, Railways, microphones, solar, fire safety, national electrical code, services, toys safety etc.
    SESEI is actively working with BIS in Smart Grid Technical Committee (TC), TED (Transport Engineering Division Council), ITS Technical committee. SESEI expert is also an active member of Smart Manufacturing Working Group LITD 28/WG3 at BIS. SESEI is an invitee member of BIS Panel on Smart Infrastructure and Technical committee on IoT and SMART CITIES.
    Niti Aayog: SESEI is a member of the Niti Aayog’s committee on Intelligent Transport and Ropeways committee for adoption of CEN safety standards for installation of for in India.
    Credible working relationship with Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI) and Centre for Development of Telematics (CDOT), BIS etc. on the subject of M2M/IoT and its role and importance in Smart City. This is well recorded through:

    Department of Telecommunication: Member of the High-Level Forum on 5G, contributed on the 5G Awareness Committee and on 5G Roadmap for India.

    • SESEI expert is working closely with Ministry of Electronics & IT and its department CDAC (Centre for Development of Telematics), G3ict, Ministry of Social Welfare & Justice, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Department of Telecom (DoT) for promoting adoption of EN 301 549 (Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services) standards in India.

    Industry Bodies / Trade Associations

    • Working with ISGF on issues related to Standards and Policy for Smart Grids and Smart Meters.
    • Vice Chairman of BIF Hi-Level Committee on ICT for Inclusive ability (PwDs).
    • Member of the FICCI Working Group on accessibility requirements
    • Chair of IET IoT Panel WG on Standards, Policy & Legislation for last 3 years.
    • Chaired India m2m + iot Forum which is a M2M/IoT+ Smart City + Smart Village focused Forum

    Apart from the above, SESEI works closely with other EU projects for technical synergy and provides a strong support to these EU projects in India i.e. GIZ, EBTC, EU delegation to India, DIN DKE, EU-India ICT Standards etc.