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Seconded European Standardization Expert in India

ICT including Services

  • India’s Mobile Phone User Base Exceeds 1bn Subscribers. Read More
  • 4G Will Be a Game Changer, Says Telecom Minister. Read More
  • Telecom Minister says govt is funding 5G network research. Read More
  • Govt Launches 23 New Schemes Under Digital India Mission; India Post Payment Bank, ePayment Portal & More. Read More
  • Government Says New Penalty Rule for Telecom Operators Soon. Read More
  • Department of Telecom clears path for Vodafone entities merger. Read More
  • Digital India needs reforms in satellite communications. Read More
  • TRAI plans to solve net neutrality by 2016. Read More
  • Government of India approved a scheme for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Read More
  • Reliance Jio soft launches 4G service for employees, commercial rollout in 2016. Read More
  • Microsoft pitches for TV White Spaces project to connect rural India. Read More
  • Google hopes to soon start tests for its Project Loon in India; aims to bring affordable Internet access in rural areas. Read More
  • Google’s balloon-based internet for everyone project Loon flies rough weather in India. Read More
  • Facebook Launches ‘Save Free Basics’ Campaign in India. Read More
  • Private telecom companies seek sops for speedier broadband rollout. Read More
  • With new models & ideas, Indian IT industry heads for $350 billion future by 2025. Read More
  • Mobile Towers has no harmful affect to human health and thus no cause of worry. Read More
  • Mobile phone companies agree to install panic button. Read More
  • DoT to seek regulator’s views on spectrum reforms. Read More
  • Ericsson bats for 700 Mhz auction in India. Read More
  • Taiwan institute ties with Indian electronic industry to promote ICT. Read More
Latest News

•The Ministry of Textiles issued 2 Quality Control Orders for 31 technical textile products. Read More

•TEC released technical report on Security by Design for IoT Device Manufacturer . Read More

•BIS rolls out Standards and Tests for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. Read More

•Centre Seeks Proposals to Develop Green Hydrogen Innovation Hubs. Read More

•Green Port Policy soon with focus on Carbon neutrality. Read More


Government of India approves National Quantum Mission. Read more

Government approves Indian Space Policy 2023. Read more

Ministry of Commerce and Industry released New Foreign Trade Policy 2023-28. Read more

Ministry of Power Releases Draft Scheme for Carbon Credit Trading in India. Read more