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SESEI 3 Newsletter, India Issue 10, October 2018

We are proud to bring the tenth edition of “Project SESEI Newsletter India”. This newsletter provides you with a glimpse of the various activities, standards and technological advancements being carried out by the project partners. The reading of this newsletter also provides us with an understanding that India is moving at par with the world for having a vision for sustainable, technological development in the country and is taking the right steps around the subject of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Electric cars, bio fuels, Intelligent Transport, Smart ecosystem, etc. These are the common areas for both India and Europe and a lot of learning and best practices can be shared between the two regions.

Artificial Intelligence is being hailed as the next technological evolution. The European Commission recently released its Communication COM(2018) 237 on ‘Artificial Intelligence for Europe’ which focuses on the need for standardization to support the deployment, interoperability, scalability, safety and liability of AI. In this regard, CEN and CENELEC held a workshop to discuss and identify areas and ways in which standards can help implement trustworthiness in AI systems. CEN- CENELC also held a joint workshop on the “Best Practices and a Code of Conduct for Licensing Industry Standard Essential Patents in the Internet of Things (IoT) / Industrial Internet and a draft document based on the outcome of the workshop is now available for comments. CEN CENELEC also issued new standards on IT cabling & design and Product standard covering luminous signs with discharge lamps and/or LED. We are also happy to announce that in line with the prioritization exercise of CEN and CENELEC on their international partnerships, four Task Forces were created for cooperation with Africa, the Gulf region, Japan and India, based on real market needs.

European Commission has published its Annual Work Programme on European Standardization for 2019. On the occasion of the World Standards Day, Commission also organized a joint conference themed “Standards meet the future”, with CEN, CENELEC, ETSI, together and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), emphasizing on the need for standardization and the role it plays in the growth of economy. The European Commission is also very proactively working towards creating an ecosystem for electric mobility and in this regard while understanding the importance, need and status of Europe in production of batteries, Commission has created its ‘Strategic Action Plan on Batteries’. This Action Plan defines a strategy to create a competitive and sustainable battery manufacturing industry in Europe. The Commission also issued new EU-wide harmonized fuel symbols under the Directive 2014/94 EU on the “development of alternative fuels meets the current and future needs of the European market” to provide wider access to alternative fuels. It also introduces the requirement of labeling new vehicles and fuel distributors at petrol stations. Thanks to this new uniform regulations throughout the EU, it will be easier for drivers to choose the right fuel for their vehicle.

The ETSI issued its Work Programme for 2018 – 2019, providing overview of their current standardization projects. ETSI is also working on the development of standards around technologies which have had a major global impact, including network virtualization, automation, artificial intelligence, quantum cryptography, IoT, smart cities and of course 5G, etc. ETSI Technical Committee on Cybersecurity has recently released two specifications on Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) that describe how to protect personal data securely—with fine-grained access controls. It has also updated its five-part international compendium of Technical Reports to protect networks from cyber-attacks: the “Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defence” are based on the CIS Controls® and related materials. ETSI’s Industry Specific Group on Quantum Cryptography released a White paper on Implementation Security of Quantum Cryptography and the Multi-access Edge Computing ISG released a new White Paper entitled “MEC in an Enterprise Setting: A Solution Outline” and the ETSI GR MEC 022called “Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC); Study on MEC Support for V2X Use Cases”. A new version of ETSIspecification EN 301 549 was also published on accessibility requirements for ICT products and services, that now includes the design of websites and mobile applications. This standard was jointly developed with CEN and CENELEC.

Apart from the important standardization related news, we have also provided links to the important White Paper and documents and event calendar of Europe.

As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions to further improvise it. With this we wish all our readers a very Happy Diwali and Happy Reading once again.

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