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Seconded European Standardization Expert in India

Visit of Mr. Adrian Scrase for LTE India 2014, 8th May 2014











LTE Conference 2014 was organized by Bharat Exhibitions on 8th May 2014. It was the 6th edition of the LTE Conference in India supported by 3GPP. Mr. Adrian Scrase ETSI CTO along with SESEI were distinguished speakers at the conference inaugural session. The LTE India conference is being organised since 2010 to propagate the LTE Technologies and standardization efforts being carried out by ETSI in India.

Very relevant topic were identified for discussion at the conference focusing on the end user, which all services will capitalize and drive the future of mobile internet also known as Wireless Broadband and how Government can further exhilarate and support in providing infrastructure in creating LTE device ecosystem.

Mr. Scrase stated that, in terms of the standards, LTE-Advanced is already mature, with 3GPP Release 12 adding significant improvements for densely populated areas, for improved performance and for the addition of features for use cases in other fields, including specific work items on critical communications and machine-to-machine communications. In North America, we have seen spectacular LTE developments, and in Asia, some countries – notably Korea – have been equally bold. In China and India, we are seeing the start of LTE availability, and with these two massive markets joining in, the GSMA has predicted that Asia will have one half of all global LTE connections by 2017.

SESEI in his address in the inaugural ceremony applauded the International conference as it provides an excellent and remarkable interactive platform to the Telecom industry professionals in the form of conference since last one decade. SESEI as an enthusiastic of standards development, its global harmonization strongly advocated for a dialogue between India and European standards bodies. SESEI re-emphasized the strong need for India to participate and contribute towards development of standards especially for technologies shaping our world.

SESEI also utilized this opportunity and presence of Mr. Adrian Scrase to organize meetings with senior officials from Department of Telecom, Bureau of Indian Standards and discussed updates around Indian standardization activities, telecom standardization body TSDSI progress, TSDSI joining 3GPP as an Observer, standards adoption and ensured close cooperation required to take the relation to next level. Meetings with existing ETSI Members in India were also organized to strengthen the existing membership, providing them updates on ETSIs’ latest standardization activities, and exchange of fruitful dialogue around topic of mutual interest and relevance in Indian Context etc.

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